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Hair Price Guide 2024

When you visit Sandra’s hair & beauty, our stylists and therapists aim to make your appointment a totally enjoyable experience. We pride ourselves in offering you hairdressing and beauty treatments of the highest standard together with a friendly and professional service.

Long hair being blowdried


Senior stylist (from)

Cut & finish - £38 - £42  
Re-style - £40 -£45
Wet Cut - £23.00
Dry Trim - £20.00
Child's trim - £11.00
Blow dry - £20 - £25   
Set - £16.00    
Cut & Set - £34.00    
Creative Styling - £30.00    
Hair up - £30.00
Gents - See The Barber Room

Woman having her hair styled in a salon

Colour Bar Menu (Cut & Finish Included)

Using one of the worlds leading professional hair care brands Paul Mitchell XG. Experience endless shade options and colour with confidence! With the use of ingredients such as bees wax, cotton seed oil and rice milk to achieve outstanding condition, strength and shine for natural, healthy looking results.

  • Patch testing is required 48hrs before colour treatments

  • Prices may vary depending on length and thickness of hair.

  • All technical colour prices include cut and finish.

Senior Stylist 

Full Head Colour - £79.00
Re-Growth - £58.00
Full Head Foils - £101.00
Half Head Foils - £89.00
T-Section - £73.00
The Demi - £61.00

4 bottles of Olaplex with product pouring from above

Additional Colour Services (Cut & Finish NOT included)

Root colour between foils - £20.00
Toner - £15.00 
Pre-lighten cleanse & Olaplex Treatment - £50.00 
Olaplex in colour service - £20.00
Colour Secret in colour service - £10.00

Pre/post colour treatments :    
The pre-colour service - £5.00
The post-colour service - £5.00

Bondplex Strengthening Additive
BONDPLEX reacts with one of the components of the broken disulphide bonds during the chemical process. This reaction forms a cohesive bond with the other component therefore strengthening the hair internally 

Hairplex Strengthening Complex
HAIRPLEX re-enforces the integrity of BONDPLEX, sealing the hairs surface damage and further enhancing the strength of the additive. 
Colour secret Bondeplex - From £10.00

3 bottles of olaplex products with light pink background

Treatments Cut & Finish NOT Included 

Prescription hot towel treatment - £5.00
Olaplex in house treatment - £20.00
Awapuhi Keratriplex Treatment - £30.00
BondRX treatment - £10.00

woman with brown curly hair


Our unique fixed process perms give you long lasting body, shape and curl to help create the look that you desire, suitable for use on all hair types.

Senior Stylist     

Half head perm - £63.00    
Full head perm - £73.00    

All Perming services includes cut and finish.

woman having her hair made for her wedding with decorative pin

Special Occasions

Make an impact at an event with impeccable style and glamorous hair.

Senior Stylist 

Creative Styling - From £30.00
Hair up - From £30.00

back of a womans head with blonde wavy extentions

Hair Extentions

Our multi-award winning hair extensions systems are scientifically proven not to damage your hair and are endorsed by an independent Trichologist. Hair extensions can give you instant beautiful hair without the need for chemicals or patch testing. Add length, colour and volume with racoon hair extensions at Sandra’s hair & beauty.

Full Head - by Quotation only
Hair in recovery - by Quotation only

Hair in Recovery

Hair in recovery stylists have been certificated in the unique techniques required for applying hair extensions for clients with medical hair loss. Medical hair loss issues may include Alopecia and Telogan Effluvium. Clients recovering from Chemotherapy must wait at least six months after completing their course of treatment before hair extensions can be applied.

Hair loss can be a devastating condition. Chemotherapy, telogen effluvium and alopecia affect women from all backgrounds can cause severe psychological and aesthetic effects. Sandra’s hair & beauty salon want to give women back their confidence and self-esteem. To help with this transitional period we have a private room where you will be seen only by the immediate team working on your hair.

Enjoy great looking hair extensions without the need to break your budget. Clients on the hair in recovery programme receive a 40% subsidy on hair, bonding and after care products for 12 months from the date of their first order.
48 hour notice of cancellations will be required on hair extensions.

Non refundable deposit.

The Wash House Menu

Experience a relaxing Shiatsu massage backwash, aromatherapy oils, head massage, prescribed treatment and a drink of your choice.

t3 mint products

T3 Experience

Need a spa vacation - a retreat for your mind, body and soul?
Stimulate your senses with a tingly treat that pampers while it cleanses. Natural extracts of tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender cool, invigorate, and leave hair smelling great. Indulge in this first-class sensory experience.

t3 lavener products

T3 Tension Tamer 

Stressful days, sleepless nights, frenzied schedules. Soothe frazzled nerves and take comfort in some herbal relaxation with a serious dose of hydration. Lavender is nature’s remedy to relieve anxiety and ease tension, while mint revitalizes spirits with a fresh outlook.

t3 lemon products

T3 with a Twist

Boost tired spirits and worn-down locks. Let lemon, sage and tea tree come to the rescue! This rejuvenating service adds volume and thickens every strand, leaving hair lush and manageable. Delicious extracts of lemon, sage, peppermint and tea tree invigorate the senses and lift spirits for a whole new outlook.

blonde haircare products

Bling on Blonde

Banish brassiness and give your blonde some bold, beautiful bling!
If your blonde, white or grey hair could use some brightening, this is the ideal treat for you. The finest ingredients help refresh and renew your colour with sparkle and shine

More information about Paul Mitchel Bling on Blonde

strengtheing haircare products

Inner Strength 

Repair, rebuild, replenish. Make hair buff and beautiful from the inside out with our exclusive Super Strong Complex. It’s the perfect strengthening service after lightening or relaxing hair.

smooth hair care range

Skinny Dip 

Slip into smooth and get the perfect prep for a lustrous, silky blowout. A fresh apple fragrance rejuvenates, while Super Skinny Complex tames frizz and smoothes even the most unruly locks into submission.

moisture hair care range

Thirst Quencher 

Soak up some serious hydration with this thirst-quenching cocktail.
Moisture-rich nutrients repair from the inside out - leaving locks revitalized, manageable and super shiny. 

colour repair range

All About Hue 

Get bold and brilliant with flower power. Sunflower extract provides a natural sunscreen that charges up your hair color and extends its life while increasing strength and elasticity. What a bright idea!

Sandra holding image

Serious Detox 

Give your hair a break from the daily grind. Heat styling, chemicals, and environmental pollution put stress on your tresses. Revive overworked locks with our special detox blend. This clean machine provides deep cleansing to rid hair of dulling, heavy impurities and build-up.

Awapuhi keraTriplex bottle

Awapuhi keraTriplex 

Pure indulgence for hair.
30 years in the making. 
Where tradition meets technology.

More information about Awapuhi keraTriplex

Sandra holding image

Hey Sugar, Sugar

Fall head over heels “in scrub” with this calorie-free raw sugar concoction. Ask your stylist to upgrade any The Wash House service with this guilt-free indulgence that invigorates the scalp and improves circulation.

Take Home Kits

Take Home Kits

 Every service is personalised to your hair needs. Personalised take home kits to look good and feel good.